C . A . S . T .
Product Details, Catalog and Order Form

Video Tape Summaries Running time, price and brief summary of videos featuring C.A.S.T. models. For videos not listed on the order form, simply write in which one you require in the blank space provided, or
(if more space is required) print this page and highlight the ones that you want to order. Video of the following models will be available at a later date: G, M, Q, R, S, V, W, X and Z Unfortunately video of the other models does not exist.
Photo Packs
CD-ROM containing two hundred (200) images of models A - Z
Images are scanned at approximately 300x500 (portrait)
or 600x400 (landscape) and stored in bit mapped file format.
Photo Listing This is a plain text listing of all the current photographs in the Gimpix range.
Photo Code Sheet Information about how to decode the photo listings
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