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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Hi All!!! I thought I would take this time to answer some of the more frequently asked questions for all to read.
How long have you wanted to be casted?
Well I distinctly remember seeing an episode of the television show Family Affair in which Buffy had the broken leg for several episodes and wore a LLC, then a LLWC and finally a SLWC. I think I have the order correct. I was about 5 or 6 at the time and longed to have a big plaster leg cast like she had. So I guess I have been a caster for as long as I remember.
What is your favorite cast?
Well leg casts are definately my favorite. My plaster LLC was simply fabulous. But I have to admit that after the wonderful SLWC Gimpix put on me I discovered a fondness for SLWC's that I had not had before. So I guess it really does not matter which leg cast I have on so long as I have a leg cast.
What is your longest time wearing a cast?
Well I have worn a cast from Friday evening to Sunday evening. That is my longest time so far. Hopefully I will be able to wear one for a week or 10 days in the future.
What is your dream cast?
Well my dream cast was a big plaster LLC. Which I got back in November. Now I would have to say my dream cast is a LLC or SLWC and wearing for 2 weeks.
Have you told non casting enthusiasts about your casting?
Yes, I have told a few close friends about my casting enthusiasm and my desire to be casted. All of the reactions from people have been positive. But I have been selective about who I have told. No one has thought I was off my rocker or needed to seek help.
Do you like fiberglass casts?
Well I have only ever had fiberglass armcasts so far and they were just fine. Hopefully I will do a fiberglass legcast on a future adventure. I would like to try them. But I think I will always be partial to plaster as it is what I first saw and fell in love with as a baby castgirl.
What do you like about being casted?
Well I like being casted on several different levels. I like the feel of the plaster as it is drying and hardening around my leg. I like the restriction of not being able to move my leg. Also I like the attention being in a cast gets me. Strangers look at you differently and they ask you questions about your injury, which is really nice. Having a believable story is an integral part of the adventure for me. I also like being pampered by my special guy while I am casted. I also like to look at myself in the mirror while I am casted or see my reflection as I gimp by or crutch by a window. I also like to crutch very much.
Hello Cast Enthusiasts, Casters and All Interested ByStanders,

After my FAQ's were so well recieved I decided to do a future update, but did
not know the occasion would arise again so soon.  As I could not imagine that
I would have anything noteworthy to share.  But on the IRC the other night I
was telling the story of how I told my Mother that I enjoyed wearing plaster
and fiberglass casts.  Well after sharing the story on the IRC it was
suggested that maybe I should put it on CastGirl's Casting Corner.  So here it

It was the middle of November last year and I was taking my Mother on a
shopping trip to the city, since she does not drive in the city.  She was
aware that I had recently been to Toronto to meet in person a guy that I met
on the internet.  Well she also knew that I had a great time and it was lots
of fun.  But she kept asking where did we meet on the internet, what did we
have in common...all the questions inquiring parents want to know, no matter
how old you get.  Well I had been telling her and everyone else that I met him
in a chat room for people who enjoy playing Tennis.  And that bothered me more
than a little, since I was lying to her, but then I didn't want to tell her
everything about me.

But on the other hand, my mother is much more liberal and open minded in a lot
of ways than I am.  So during our hour long drive she kept asking me questions
and finally I made the bold decision to tell her about my desires to wear
casts, especially leg casts made of plaster.  Well she just kind of looked at
me with her you've got to be kidding face.

to be continued..........
Just a note to all who have e-mailed me thanks a lot for all the feedback. If I have not answered your e-mail, please resend it as I had computer problems for several months and I may have lost it. I hope to periodically answer more questions here and plan to share further adventures with all as they occur. Happy Casting and Cast Dreams to All.
Last Updated: February 21, 1998
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