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Product Details, Catalog and Order Form
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All product is shipped in plain packaging
Video Tape
Video Tape
Running time, price and brief summary of videos featuring Gimpix models. For videos not listed on the order form, simply write in which one you require in the blank space provided, or (if more space is required) print this page and highlight the ones that you want to order.
Photo Packs (current)
Photo Packs (previous)
Having difficulty deciding which photos to choose? Confused by, or do not have time to analyse the photo codes? If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, then why not choose one of these pre-selected photo packages?
fifty-two (52) images for $9.95 + $4.50 S&H also includes 186 video captures as a bonus!
one hundred & seven (107) images for $9.95 + $4.50 S&H also includes 124 video captures as a bonus!
one hundred & thirty-five (135) images for $9.95
also includes forty-nine video captures as a bonus!
one hundred & forty-seven (147) images for $9.95
sixty-two (62) images for $9.95
one hundred & nine (109) images for $9.95
one hundred & forty-four (144) images for $9.95
Lucky (LLC)
two hundred & five (205) images for $9.95
Lucky (SLWC)
one hundred & forty-one (141) images for $9.95
Best of models 1-19
over 1000 images for $25.00
Order Form
(pdf format)
Standard Gimpix order form in Adobe Acrobat format.
Video Summary
Page 1
This page serves as a checklist for ordering videotapes, and is used in conjunction with the order blank above. Adobe Acrobat format.
Photo Pack
Page 2
This page serves as a checklist for ordering photo packs, and is used in conjunction with the order blank above. Adobe Acrobat format.
Individual Photo
These pages are checklists for ordering individual photos, and should be used in conjunction with the order blanks above. Stored in Adobe Acrobat format.
Online Photo Ordering
Column One
Column Two
Column Three
Page 3photos 1-106 through 5-319
Page 4photos 5-402 through 8-818
Page 5photos 8-820 through 9-619
Page 6photos 9-622 through 10-1103
Page 7photos 10-1106 through 14-101
Page 8photos 14-103 through 14-1120
Page 9photos 14-1121 through 16-1108
Page 10photos 16-1110 through 18-303
Page 11photos 18-305 through 19-813
Page 12photos 19-814 through 20-616
Page 13photos 20-618 through 20-1415
Page 14photos 20-1416 through 21-425
Page 15photos 21-514 through 22-408
Page 16photos 22-410 through 24-315
Page 17photos 24-316 through 1718-523
Page 18photos A-102 through H-300
Page 19photos H-402 through Y-110
Page 20photos Y-112 through Z-124
blank column
blank column
Photo Listing This is a plain text listing of all the current photographs in the Gimpix range, sections of which can be printed as required and used with the order blank above if the checklist pages prove difficult to print.
Photo Code Sheet Information about how to decode the photo listings