Photo Code Designators (PCD's)


Subject---Cast Type---Photo Details---Pose
Subject: Each model has a unique number. Even if the same model is featured again in a different production, she will retain the same number.
Cast Type: The second section describes the type of cast the model is wearing
Material Length Which Leg(s) Mobility Aid (crutches) Heel Type Writing on Cast?
P plaster S below knee L left A aluminum B boot Y yes
F fiberglass (white) C wheelchair F flat
B blue M mid thigh R right F forearm N none N no
G green N none O other
K pink L long leg B both S Sure-Gait R rocker
R red U unistrut S stubby
U purple H hip spica W wood
Y yellow
H Hexalite C cylinder
Photo Details: The third section describes what the model is doing; what she is wearing; the camera orientation as well as the relative quality of the photo.
Activity Camera Horizontal Camera Vertical Camera View Clothing Quality
B lean back B back A above F full B bath towel A higher
C crouching C cheerleader B
K kneeling F full front C child's view S shoulder down D dress C
L lying down E leggings D
O leaning over L left front L level F French maid E lower
P 'poised' stance C chest down G hospital gown
R reclining R right front W worm's eye H shorts
S standing W waist down I bikini
T sitting S side '_' not defined K skirt
U lying-tummy K knee down L lingerie
W walking M mini-skirt
N nude
P panties only
R nurse
S short dress/skirt
T trousers
U underwear
W swimwear
X exercise outfit
Y pyjamas
Pose: The last section is the pose code, which has been assigned to distinguish individual photos from others that match the general description in the cast type and photo details sections. The pose code is divided into roll and frame numbers by assigning each roll of film with the next multiple of one hundred.
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