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What's new from GIMPIX?
Introducing our premier model: Cherie Deville.
Cherie is a professional girl/girl star with OC Modeling and we are honoured to have her as part of the gimpix team......

Cherie is not what one would call inhibited and has vowed to spice up Gimpix productions!
Category Last Update Details
YouTube Channel 16.SEP.23 Now that the enhancement project is complete, we shall add some samples of earlier Gimpix material to the channel since the quality is vastly improved. Starting with model 20, Lucky and working back. Until we create a new page here is a recap of the non public links:

La botte platree: An excellent tutorial on making a classic plaster short walking cast featuring an attractive mature lady model.
Botte marche (confection d'un platre): Another excellent tutorial on making a classic plaster short walking cast featuring an attractive nurse?
Videos (mini DV)
Videos (VHS)
28.AUG.23 The same technology that is being applied to video clips will also benefit the full video files on these pages even though they are already typically better quality than the C4S clips (still inter-laced though). Again, please be patient as the delay will be in sheer number crunching time on the computer! Each of these video files will take as many hours as there are minutes of video! It might make sense to convert the full videos first then generate the clips.
With the improvement in quality that the Topaz software provides, some of the longer videos, in certain formats such as MPEG & WMV9, are no longer within the 5Gb size limit imposed by the e-commerce platform. One that does still seem to fit is Samsung TV HD in MP4. If a different format is needed one can always try a rather nice (free) conversion utility such as: Handbrake
We don't plan to create new pages for the full videos; instead videos that are now enhanced will be labelled with:
ALL now updated.
New Clip Store 28.AUG.23 For the first decade or so Gimpix videos were VHS, later ones mini DV digital tape. Both of those lacked the crispness we are now accustomed to. However, thanks to dramatic advances in software technology it is now possible to restore and enhance that old footage (especially the digital) to an impressive standard.
As we moved down the list to less popular material, to save time, we only generated WMV9. Other formats can easily be added by request (bear in mind the 5Gb limit for current e-commerce platform, that is causing us some issues with longer enhanced videos).If anyone has a special request then email.
Fully processed: ALL

Top Ten Clips
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YouTube Channel 01.AUG.23 We are in the process of updating the sample videos & others on our Youtube channel now that the task of enhancing the Gimpix videos is nearing completion. We have a vast amount of material collected from the web etc. over the years which could benefit from the enhancement software. To try and avoid any hassles, we are going to keep them unlisted and post direct links here. Eventually, a dedicated page will likely be necessary.

La botte platree: An excellent tutorial on making a classic plaster short walking cast featuring an attractive mature lady model. The dialogue is French with a Quebec accent so tough to follow for those accustomed to Parisian French! The Youtube subtitles function might help?

Botte marche (confection d'un platre): Another excellent tutorial on making a classic plaster short walking cast featuring an attractive nurse? Again, the dialogue is French Canadian so tough to follow for those who learned French by listening to artists such as Sylvie Vartan! One wonders if the heel attachment techniques are those allow quick weight bearing? Peter with whom we collaborated on a cast tutorial many years ago could make such a SLWC. Unfortunately, we never filmed it!
Newspaper Casts 23.JUL.23 More additions & updates, large update - currently 1454 ladies.
DATABASES 26.MAR.23 We are making progress. I just restored a bunch of video clips to the movie database. That filmclips directory was overlooked on the main restore so if you were getting 'not found on server' errors in the movie database that should be resolved.
Surveys: If you submitted a survey after August 2021, my apologies it was not saved. Please hold off on re-submitting because we are still experiencing issues with adding new records across ALL databases. This is a compatability issue with mySQL v8. The scripts will need to be updated as the version of SQL they were written for is not secure enough.
Lastly, I decided not to restore the AmyLyon databases as no one really did much with them and there's too much overlap with the movies database. A no-no in database design edicts! Thus, if anyone wants to see specific material that was in those, then let me know and I shall upload to movies if I have it.
Thanks for your patience.
DATABASES 11.MAR.23 Gimpix was hacked by little rocket man & his hencemen at the beginning of February. Guess it means you're a somebody when you get hacked by that shithole country but nonethless annoying. Most functionality has now been restored. We have backups little rocket man. The only ransom we would pay them, given the chance would be in lead!
A shoutout to our awesome web hosting company for their perseverence in getting these issues resolved.
Image sets 01.JAN.22 Since C4S has discontinued their image stores, we have created a new page for image set downloads.
Flickr Photo Gallery 13.MAR.21 We purchased some new photo colourizing software. Added a few hundred converted photos from the yearbook, newspaper & vintage collections. The standard algorithm does very well even with lower resolution news photos.
Retro Casts 25.JUL.20 New classic plaster yearbook images added to Retrocasts database. A great many of these can only be found by sequential searching of yearbooks as they are uncaptioned. This is very time consuming so I have created a reference database of yearbooks checked (almost 32,000) cover to cover so far. I could use some help with this. Send me an email to gimpygirls (the symbol above the 2 usually) gmail (symbol called a period in the US) com with your details and I will set you up with a login.
E-Commerce Additional
Pay Method
26.OCT.19 We have added a second, semi-manual payment method via P@yp@1. The payment address will show in the checkout window, or we can send an invoice to the email address provided. Once we receive notification of payment, we will mark the order as paid and you will receive an email containing the download procedure.
This method is slower and was added for international customers experiencing issues with the existing payment method. Still quicker than the mail/post though!
Videos 10.APR.19 Downloadable full video of Nikki LLC is now available to order. Now in true HD 720p format.
Model Sample Gallery 10.APR.19 Introducing new model Nikki.
Cast Movie Database 31.MAR.19 Numerous updates (ongoing). There is still work to do on this database, but we feel like it is currently the most comprehensive list of leg casts in film & television available. Again, I want to say many thanks to Giorgio from Italy for his awesome spreadsheet contribution a while back. There are many clips floating around on Youtube and the like that are unidentified so I may have them afterall. I will post the mystery ones on the Gimpix Facebook page so everyone can enjoy them & hopefully fill in the gaps. However, please do not be shy about sending leads. Videos cannot be uploaded but stills can. Better to get something twice than miss one!
Gimpix Survey 02.FEB.19 Gimpix Survey. This is your chance to tell us what you'd like to see in future productions.
Anecdotes & Misc. 31.DEC.18 New database for articles of interest about casts and cartoons etc.
Models 20-39

Models 1-19
04.NOV.18 These pages have been re-worked to add the full length video shopping cart links. Many images, especially on the earlier gallery page have been refreshed or new ones added.
E-Commerce Fixed
23.OCT.18 We have fixed the e-commerce issue - for now at least, using Am**z** P*y Note: Billing statement will show company as: Wed**p**ts.
Digital Videos 14.OCT.18 Because of ongoing issues with DVD production, we have decided to offer full length titles in digital format and believe that these full length videos offer an improvement in quality over the clips of individual scenes. There is a 5Gb file size limit so we have selected the best resolution that each movie will fit into. Typically, they are WMV's or MPEG's of 720p or 1080p This migration will take some time so anything with the GREEN 'add to cart' (models 22-37) are in the new format & downloadable. These are large files, around 3-5Gb, so a fast connection is recommended. We have added WMV files to all items as these appear to offer better quality over even the larger MPEG's.
VHS Videos 14.OCT.18 We have started to add full length digital downloadable versions of earlier material. This migration will take some time so anything with the GREEN 'add to cart' (currently models: 1,2, 4-21) are in the new format & downloadable. These are quite large files, around 1-2Gb, so a fast connection is recommended. With this older material that was not shot on digital tape, the best format seems to be: MPEG-2, 4000 kbps, 720x480, 29.97 fps
30.SEP.18 Gimpix has a new (supplemental) email address that should mostly eliminate the spam. E-mail to the old address should forward. New address is: gimpygirls (y'all know the symbol to put here-if not look towards the top left of the screen)
Cast Walking Heels Store 22.JAN.17 Gimpix has managed to acquire limited stocks of classic rubber, plaster cast walking heels which are now offered for sale. This page will also serve as a reference work for the various styles of walking heels produced in the past. If demand / interest warrants reproductions of these classic heels and perhaps even walking irons is a distinct possibility!
Videos 28.JUL.13 Video of Chelsea LLWC is now available to order.
Model Sample Gallery 08.JUN.13 Four new images of Chelsea in her decorated plaster LLWC. After so long in plaster, Chelsea desperately wants to be free so even though her big full leg cast now has a walking heel she still uses her crutches quite a bit.
Videos 03.JUN.13 Videos of Chelsea SLWC & LLC are now available to order.
Model Sample Gallery 24.MAR.13 Four new images of Chelsea. At her checkup a few weeks back, Chelsea expected to leave free of plaster but she had been a naughty girl walking on her SLWC far too much. Instead, she ended up leaving in a non weight bearing toe to thigh plaster cast! Stay tuned, plenty of video & photos to follow.
Cast Movie Database 29.JAN.13 More updates. Ability to search for only records modified since a certain date added. Thanks to Giorgio for an updated spreadsheet and also to Stevgips for all his helpful contributions.
Model Sample Gallery 20.JAN.13 Introducing Chelsea..... We were fortunate to hook up with Chelsea on several days over the course of a week whilst she was in a SLWC. We caught up with her when her cast was still plain although exhibiting that classic sheen that a plaster cast acquires over time. Later on she began to decorate it and she hopes everyone will recognise the famous painting depicted on it? Furthermore, Chelsea is no stranger to crutches switching between classic wooden underarm and forearm styles as she fancied. For SLWC fans, this charming lady presented us with nothing less than a classic plaster SLWC extravaganza, so stay tuned! There is a bunch of video to sift through so watch for updates over the next few weeks.
TV / Movie Clips 01.MAY.12 Added two new TV clips (via Youtube). I am still working on the database for these. Many thanks to Giorgio from Italy for his excellent spreadsheet of cast movies. Apologies for the popup but whilst we are happy to post free material we also ask that you consider our commercial offerings.
Mod Casts 15.APR.12 New searchable database for modern fibreglass cast photos. I am still in the process of going through my archives & adding images. I will post updates here as significant additions occur. In the meantime, please do not be shy about sending contributions. Better to get something twice than miss one!
Retro Casts 15.APR.12 New searchable database for vintage plaster cast photos. I am still in the process of going through my archives & adding images. I will post updates here as significant additions occur. In the meantime, please do not be shy about sending contributions. Better to get something twice than miss one!
Photo Packs 21.FEB.06 Photo packs have now been superceded by photo CD-ROM's which offer far better value for money. We still have stock of one each of the following packs which will be available on a first come, first served basis:: 9-Brooke, 19-Holly, 20L-Lucky, 20S-Lucky, 22-Sunnie, 24-Leila, 25-Diana The photo pack page will remain as an indication of CD-ROM content, and ordering buttons will be removed once current stock of photo packs is eliminated.
CastGirl's Casting Corner 16.NOV.02 Castgirl presents some photos of her blue fibreglass SLWC
Stories 04.JAN.02 Presenting a new story: "Terri's Spring Ski Trip". Although this story is not a true account, it is based on a collection of true experiences that our fellow cast enthusiast was fortunate to experience during the golden years of cast watching.
Magazines & Newspapers
15.NOV.01 Added one new picture. Thanks very much to member# 301 for this contribution.
Rationale (feedback) 11.MAY.01 A while back, I received via email an interesting response to my rationale. Since the writer provided such insightful analysis, I decided to publish his comments in their entirety.
Women in Leg Casts: Gimpix Member Sightings 19.APR.00 Added two new pictures of traditional short leg walking casts (SLWC's): one and two courtesy of member# 301
Gimpix Model Search 03.FEB.97 Your female coworker says to you: "my girlfriend broke her leg". Your pulse races; you're racking your brains trying to figure out how to get photos of this girl. Why not 'innocently' say later "look what I found", and give her the URL of this page?
Rationale 28.DEC.96 Gimpix is dedicated to those who appreciate the sexuality of an attractive woman in a plaster of Paris or fiberglass leg cast. This section contains a detailed discussion of why a woman in a leg cast is attractive.
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